Yoga & Social Justice

Prayer Flags

Yoga Teacher Training

  • 200 Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (2010) with Mona Warner
  • 27 Hr   Yin Yoga Teacher Training (2014) with Corina Benner
  • 12 Hr   Prison Yoga Project Teacher Training (2014) with James Fox
  •  6  Hr   Yoga for Trauma and Addiction (2014) with Mike Huggins & Colleen Devirgiliis at  Transformation Yoga Project

Articles about my Yoga Teaching

Heather Douglas, “Inspiring Instructors Part 1: Jennifer Musial”, Toronto Body Mind

Siobhan McAuley, “Ask the Teacher Interview”, Stirring the Soul


Critical Yoga Studies Service

Managing Editor, Race and Yoga Journal (Peer-Reviewed)

Mainstream narratives about yoga in the U.S. often describe how the practice promotes physical and spiritual wellbeing. But, yoga practitioners and scholars rarely question who has had access to the practice since its arrival in North America, and thereby its purportedly healing and liberatory properties. Relatedly, they fail to critically interrogate the representation of the prototypical yogi in contemporary America: upper and middle-class white persons, particularly white women.

Race and Yoga is the first scholarly journal to examine issues surrounding the history, racialization, sex(ualization), and inclusivity (or lack thereof) of the yoga community.

To submit an essay to Race and Yoga, click here


Co-Organizer, Race and Yoga Annual Conference at University of California, Berkeley



Yoga Alliance

Race and Yoga at University of California, Berkeley



Decolonizing Yoga

South Asian American Perspectives on Yoga in America

It’s All Yoga, Baby


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